Cost - Controls

Reduce the Septic System Repair Costs

The following concepts may help you reduce the cost of conducting septic repairs.  If any of these ideas apply to your situation, we have met our goal of helping you breathe a little easier.

Use a Professional Septic System Designer

Controlling the costs of septic system repairs starts with your professional designer:

Professional Septic System Designers can evaluate reasonable options for the repair. ...more

Contractor Recommendations. Septic system designers are often familiar with numerous local contractors and should be able to recommend at least three local septic system contractors that will provide quality work.

Designer Cost Estimate. The septic system designer can provide an opinion of the probable construction cost for your septic system.  This provides a reality check for the property owner when receiving prices from contractors.

Selecting your Designer.  Hiring the lowest cost designer is not an effective cost control measure.   Make this decision based on qualifications and reputation.   A good designer (using the above techniques) can often reduce the construction cost by more that the fee paid to the designer.  

Obtain Multiple Cost Estimates (or Bids)

The best tool for reducing construction costs is to obtain cost proposals (or bids) from multiple septic system contractors.  We recommend obtaining at least three (3) construction cost proposals (bids) for residential and commercial septic systems. ...more

Also read:  Financing Repairs   Most people are unaware of how much they can save on the cost of construction for septic system repairs.  We often see savings greater than 30% by taking advantage of various financing programs.  Lower your cost by researching financing options.