Inspecting a Septic System

A Septic System Inspection includes pumping out and visually inspecting  the septic tank and distribution box, sketching the location of these components, and recommending a maintenance scheule.

Septic System Inspection Requirements.  Explains why and when Septic System Inspections are required.

A Typical Septic System Inspection.  Lists each Septic System Component inspected, and what observations are noted about those system components.  Use the Septic Advisor Tool - Find Local Septic Pros to find a Septic System Inspector in your area.

Written Septic System Inspection Report.  Lists the critical facts that should be included in a written inspection report.

Signs of Surcharing.  Is the Septic System adequately handling the wastewater discharged to the system ?

Inspection - Pumping. The septic pumping company notes visible septic tank conditions, as well as characteristics of wastewater contained in the tank.  Use the Septic Advisor Tool - Find Local Septic Pros to find a septic system pumping company in your area.

Inspection - Reliability.  The Inspection summarizes system conditions which are readily seen without damaging system components.  The septic system inspection does not warranty future system performance. 

Use the Septic Advisor Tool - Find Local Septic Pros  to locate Septic System Inspectors and Pumpers in your area. Find a detailed explanation of this tool at Find Local Septic Companies.