Inspection - Report

Written Septic System Inspection Report

The Septic System inspector's written report should include:

  • Date of the inspection
  • Adress of the property being inspected
  • Property Owner's name and contact information
  • Septic System Inspector's name and contact information
  • Summary. That clearly identifies any septic system component which is failing now, or identifies substandard conditions which could lead to failure of any component of the septic system in the near future
  • Design Flow Estimate of the maximum daily flow anticipated for the septic system.  Typically, the design flow estimate is based on parameters presented in codes or regulations; e.g. number of bedrooms, maximum occupancy, etc.
  • Details of all measurements and observations as outlined above
  • Sketch/Plan of the house and septic system components. Show at least two measurements from fixed points (like house corners) to each of the buried septic system components.  The sketch should also provide the location of any nearby wells.
  • Document History.  A summary of any available documentation regarding the site septic system, including: permits; design plans; as-built plans; previous inspection reprots; and/or septic tank pumping history

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