Septic Sytem Maintenance - Videos

Instructional Videos Related to Septic System Operation and Maintenance. Click on the title (blue text) to go to the video.

Will It Flush:  A video prepared by the City of Spokane and distributed by the Water Environment Federation (WEF).  Using the toilet as a trash receptacle can cause  damage to your septic system.  If it is not human body waste or toilet paper, it should not go in the toilet.  Some common toilet disposal errors include: facial tissues, flushable wipes, dental floss, ear swipes (Q-tips), panty liners, tampons, and kitty litter.  This video was prepared to let people know that these items can plug a city sewer or treatment plant pump.  The problems are even greater for a septic system due to the smaller pipelines (and pump, if you have one).  

Taking Care of yOur Groundwater: A Homeowner's Guide to Well & Septic System Maintenance.    This video is produced by the Northern Plains & Mountains Regional Water Program and Montana State University.   It illustrates how your septic system may impact your groundwater and nearby wells.  Think about all the things in the Don't List that could pass through the septic system and end up in your water supply (chemicals, prescription drugs, and other water soluble contaminants).    

Septic System Function and Maintenance: This video is also prepared by Montana State University.  It provides basic information about septic system operation and maintenance that every septic system owner should know. 

You can also view the above two videos and other related videos on the Montana Well Educated Webpage.   Scroll down the page to find the videos.