Frequently Asked Questions


The FAQs provided below are intended to answer common questions about use of the web-site: member registration process, use of our find local help tools, how the blog works, etc.  If you don't find the answer here, please contact us.   If you have a septic system question please register and go to our blog page.  There you can ask any question about septic systems and receive responses from other members or our staff.

1.  Does Septic Advisor have an App for my phone?  Better than an App, we have a phone friendly website.  On your phone enter "" in the search bar and you should end up on our home page. Near the top of the screen you will see our domain name in the search bar.  Touch the three dots on the right side of the search bar. Select "Add to Home Screen" from the dropdown menu.  You should now see a Septic Advisor icon on one of your home screens. Septic Advisor will open faster than most Apps and never needs updating.  (SA.Worx)

2.  How can I participate in Septic Advisor Blog discussion groups?  Register as a Member of Septic Advisor by clicking on the Member Sign-In/Sign-Up button, near the top of the page.

3. I entered my town and state and the "Find Septic Permit Agency" tool did not find the correct septic permit agency, help?  If you are a registered member, please sign in, and then try the Find Septic Permit Agency tool.  If the tool does not find your correct Septic Permit Agency, please click on "Report a problem" and tell us about the error.  We appreciate your help in keeping  this system up to date. (SA.Worx)

4.  How can I locate septic system professionals in my area ?  Registered members of Septic Advisor may use the "Find Local Septic Pros" tool on the upper right side of our web pages.  Please Sign-In, then you can search by city/town and state, or by zip code.

5. I registered but did not receive the "validation" email, Help?   Please check your email spam blocking tools to make sure emails from "" are not blocked.  After adding "" to your safe-sender list, the validation email should appear in your email in-box.  If you do not validate within a day, a second validation email will be sent.  If you don't want to wait, please contact us.  And leave a message that includes: your name & email address.  (SA.Worx)    

6. I registered as a Business On-site Septic Proffesional and responded to the validation email.  My Sign-In works, but I don't see my business listed in the Find Local Septic Pros tool.  Can this be fixed?  Soon?   Yes and yes.  Please Sign In, and you will see your LoginID  near the LOGOUT button (near top of the page).  Hold the cursor over your LoginID and the word "PROFILE" will appear.  Click on "PROFILE" and your profile page will appear.  The first section of the Profile page shows your membership type; in your case it should say Business and Onsite Septic Professional.  If this is true, we are in good shape; if not true, please Contact Us.  The second section should provide your correct contact information.  Please check this, and edit this information if needed.  The third section of your profile page should show "Services Provided".  Press the "Edit" button and confirm that the correct service type(s) are checked.  If not, check the correct service types and "Save Changes".  Now the "Services Provided" section should show the services  under which you willl be listed in the Find Local Septic Pros tool. Go back to the Home page and try using the Find Local Septic Pros tool in your Zip Code.  This should take care of the problem.  If it doesn't work, please Contact Us.  (SA.Worx)

7.  Can Septic Advisor provide me with specific answers to questions about my septic system?  Registered Members of Septic Advisor may post site specific questions on our Blog page.  Other Registered Members, Member professionals, and  Septic-Advisor staff may respond to the questions.   Use these responses carefully.  Any person that has not been to your site cannot give a site specific response, thought the general responses may apply to your site.