Alternatives - Water Re-Use

Re-Use of Treated Wastewater

Re-use of treated waste water is strictly regulated due to health & safety concerns.  Use the Septic Advisor Tool - Find Septic Permit Agencies to contact local and state agencies to find out if water re-use is allowed in your region.

In some water scarce regions treated wastewater is re-used for irrigation.  These systems require advanced treatment and disinfection of the wastewater prior to re-use.  Local (state) codes specify the types of crops that may be irrigated with treated wastewater.  The treated water is applied to crops that are not intended for human consumption.  A typical example would be to re-use treated wastewater to irrigate a turf farm. 

WARNING. Above surface wastewater disposal systems (lagoons and re-use irrigation) have significantly greater health and safety risks than subsurface wastewater disposal systems (septic systems).  There is increased risk due to the higher potential for people and livestock to be exposed to pollutants and pathogens when these systems are improperly operated or not maintained.   Always consult with a local designer before contemplating use of any above surface wastewater disposal system. NEVER construct , install or operate an above surface wastewater disposal system without obtaining all required permits, training, certifications and regulatory oversight.