This section discusses more advanced septic system topics that generally do not concern the typical homeowner.  These topics are of concern to septic system operators that demand more than normal service from their septic system.  

Grey-water systems.  These systems provide for separate disposal of "grey-water" (wash water) from "black-water" containing fecal matter or urine (typically from toilets). 

Septic Tank Aerators.  These are an economical way to retrofit an existing system with more advanced treatment. In some cases these may even restore a failed drain-field.

Alternative systems.  Discussion of some of the various alternatives to standard septic systems for on-site wastewater disposal.

Alternative Drain Fields. Some of the options available can significantly reduce costs or make a repair feasible on problem sites.

Lagoons.  There are certain parts of the country (e.g. Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Missouri, et.) that have very poor draining soils and standard drainfields will not work.  Wastewater lagoons are an alternative method for onsite wastewater disposal that may be permitted in this region.

Water Re-Use. Using treated wastewater for irrigation is an alternative method of onsite wastewater disposal that is permitted in some water scarce regions of the country.