Septic Repair - Septic System Additives

The National Small Flows Clearinghouse and the EPA indicate that septic system additives are typically not helpful to septic systems and in some cases may be harmful to the system or the environment. ...more

The best maintenance is routine septic tank pumping to remove the solids and fats, oils and grease (FOG).   Be skeptical of any product that indicates you will “never have to pump your tank again”. 

The following discussion looks at how various products may affect the septic system.  There are two basic types of additives:

Biological Additives.  This group includes microorganisms, bacteria, or enzymes intended to improve upon the biological degradation of wastes in the septic tank or leach field. ...more

Chemical Additives.  These are organic and inorganic compounds that may include one (or more) various active ingredients. Be wary, read the ingredients. ...more

Review of Specific Additives

We consider this an open topic.  Show us the science of how it works and change our opinions.  See our “Septic System Additives” blog.   Vendors are invited to share their product testing and performance data.  Property owners are also invited to share their experience with septic system additives by blogging or Contact Us.

The Massachusetts DEP has a list of septic system additives which it has reviewed and determined will not harm the septic system components, will not adversely impact the function of the septic system, nor harm the environment when used on schedule as recommended by the manufacturer. [LINK-out]