Tutorial - Learn about Septic Systems

Introduction to septic system components & function


Learn how a typical septic system relies on each of it's components to treat and safely dispose of residential sewage.

Septic System Basics.  A brief description of typical septic system components.

How does it work. Describes the function of typical septic system components when the septic system is healthy.

Septic Tanks. Provides a more detailed description of a typical septic tank system and includes component design and operational considerations critical to achieving the septic tank function - peliminary treatment (removal of fats & solids).

Drain Fields, Leach Fields, etc.. A brief description of the most common septic system components used  to dispose of wastewater into the ground.  This also introduces some operational considerations critical to achieving the drain field treatment function - breakdown and removal of some dissolved and suspended pollutants. 

Pump Tanks. Learn why some septic systems require pumps.  This section describes the septic system components used for the two most common forms of pumped flow to a drain field.

Cesspools.  Describes  the construction and function of a cessppol.  This section also discusses how this septic system component may not achieve the same teatment as the typical septic system components discussed above.

Tight Tanks.  Describes the function and operation of a tight tank and why this is alternative to standard septic system components may be considered the option of last resort.

Grease Traps.  Learn the situations that may require a grease trap and how this septic system component functions to improve the performance of the typical septic system components.

Siphons.  Learn how a siphon functions to improve the performance of some septic system components and why these septic system components are not used as often as they were in the past.

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