Alternatives -Enhanced Drain Fields

Alternative drain field options include:

Gravel-less Chamber Systems consisting of plastic chambers backfilled with sand or native soils. ...more

Enhanced treatment and filtration pipe systems consisting of corrugated plastic pipe (with perforations) wrapped in polystyrene mesh and filter fabric. ...more

Drip systems use specialized irrigation tubing to disperse flow as "drips".  These systems include a pump tank, pump(s), pressure filters, flow control and backwash system, small diameter delivery/return piping (with various fittings), and the tubing. ...more

Typically, these alternatives have significantly higher cost for components than a standard drain field.  However, they may reduce overall costs on specific sites (particularly for larger systems).  A local professional septic system designer should be able to advise you on specific technologies permitted in your state.   The permits for these systems often require regular inspections (annually, semi-annually, or  quarterly)