Septic Repair - Defining the Problem

What problem is the septic system presenting?   What are the possible causes of the problem(s) observed? See Common Septic Problems.

If the Drain field is draining slowly (or failing),see Plugged drain field – How did this happen?

Is there an imminent safety or environmental issue?

Is immediate repair/resolution of the problem required for sale of property or for safety reasons?

One of the best tools for defining the problem is a thorough septic system inspection by a professional septic system inspector.    See Septic System Inspection.

We recommend contacting a local septic system design professional prior to moving forward with repairs. These design professionals can provide significant cost-saving expertise and can guide you through the whole process, including site evaluation, design, variances, permits, qualifying construction contractors, construction bidding, construction inspections, providing as-built drawing or location ties, and certification of installation.