Septic Problems - Sewage Surfacing (Breakout)

Surface discharges of wastewater (sometimes called “breakout) represent a serious health and safety risk to you, your children, your neighbors, pets, and wildlife.  Don’t wait! Call a local septic system professional as soon as possible.  They can diagnose your problem and advise you regarding safety concerns and repairs.

Sewage surfacing may be caused by:

Broken pipe.  Sewage surfacing will often occur in close proximity to the pipeline break. ...more

Usually, pipeline breaks can be fixed rapidly at relatively low cost

Plugged pipe.   The sewage will surface at some inconvenient location upstream in the septic system. ...more

Broken pipes may also act like a plugged pipe without any sewage surfacing.

Clogged septic tank outlet filter.  This problem may appear as sewage breakout over the septic tank. ...more

Improper piping configuration. Some piping configurations can result in a flow “air-lock” under high flow conditions like the discharge from a laundry machine. ...more

Plugged drain field. A failed drain field may have surface breakout on side slopes, over the drain field, or over the D-box. ...more