Find - Your Septic System Plan

What kind of system do I have?

You may already have septic system information received with other documents when purchasing your property.  If  not available, the best place to start looking for information regarding your septic system is your town, city, or county government offices.  The Health Department, Board of Health, or Building Inspector offices may retain copies of permits, plans, or construction records.  If plans are available, one of these agencies should be able to tell you how to get them.  If plans are not available, you should be able to obtain the permit(s) issued for your house.  The permits may provide a description of your system.   Use the "Find Septic Permit Agencies" tool to contact your local office.


WARNING: Call 811 Before you dig. Digging in the wrong place can cause injury and damage buried utilities; often at some expense. This one call is free and will route you to the local One Call Center.  The Call Center will ask you for information about the general location of the dig (e.g. address, nearest cross streets, etc.). They will contact the commercial companies that may have buried utilities in your area. The commercial utility companies will often send a professional buried utility specialist to your site.  This may take a couple days to schedule, so call several days ahead of time.    Buried utilities may include electric lines, gas lines, water lines, sewers, storm drains, cable or communication lines, etc.  BEWARE, in many cases property owners are not aware of the utilities crossing their property.