Find - Locating a D-Box

How do I find the D-box?

Finding a D-box (Distribution -box) can be much more difficult than finding a septic tank.  Residential D-boxes are small (typical area less than 2-ft by 2-ft) and often are not detectable by metal detectors.   Excavating the D-box can easily damage the septic system by breaking the D-box or breaking a pipeline. See the warning posted below. 

Your best option is to find any plans or other information as outlined under Your Septic System Plan.   This information would then be given to your local septic system professional who could excavate the D-box.

If no other information is available let a professional find your D-box.  They have a variety of tools (metal detectors, pipeline snakes, pipeline cameras, pipeline signal emitting devices, etc.), experience, and judgment to expedite finding the D-box.  They also know how fix minor damage if components break. 

See Find Local Septic Companies to learn how to use the Septic Advisor Tool - Find Local Septic Pros (located above the advertisements)

WARNING: Finding a D-box should be done by a septic system professional; e.g. a licensed septic pumper, septic system contractor, septic designer, or septic system inspector.