Find - Locating a Septic Tank

How do I Find my Septic Tank?

In most cases locating a septic tank is relatively straight forward. However, it usually requires some digging. Digging in the wrong place may break something else buried in your yard.  Please heed the warnings presented below.  

Please read the section about finding Your Septic System Plan.  If you cant find a plan showing the location of your septic tank, the following concepts may help you locate the septic tank.

  • Find out where your building sewer leaves the house.  Look in the crawl space or basement.  Knowing the direction and depth of the building sewer are good clues to your septic tank location
  • Often the septic tank is placed between 10-feet to 30-feet from the house. Examine this region with a probe rod (coat hanger) or metal detector to identify the septic tank location
  • If this does not work, you could expand the region of probing.  Note: It may be that the septic tank is too deep to locate easily

If you live in a more northern region, you may have noticed an area of your yard where the snow melts sooner than the rest of the yard. This may be your septic tank, since the septic tank if often warmer than the surrounding ground.  This may also be something else.  So, be careful and heed the warnings we have provided.    ...more

We recommend using a septic system professional to find your septic tank and other components.  See Find Local Septic Companies.

WARNING: Digging to uncover your septic tank and opening your septic tank should be done by a septic professional: septic pumper, septic contractor (installer) or septic designer/inspector.  There are significant health and safety risks.  In no case should an uncovered or open septic tank be left unattended.  This represents a very high risk of injury to children and pets.  Remember to call 811 before you dig to avoid hitting other buried utilities.