Alternatives - Advanced Treatment Systems

What are Innovative/Alternative systems?

Innovative alternative (I/A) systems include a broad array of technologies that may be used to:

  • provide a significant alternative to a standard septic system (e.g. composting toilet and grey-water system)
  • improve the performance of an existing (standard) septic system (e.g. septic system additives, septic tank inserts, septic tank aerators, etc,)
  • replace the standard components of a septic system (e.g. plastic septic tanks, gravel-less leaching facilities, drip disposal systems, etc.)
  • provide enhanced (advance) treatment or disposal of wastewater to meet the needs of an environmentally sensitive area (e.g. re-circulating sand filters, in-tank treatment systems, etc.) 

In most cases, these systems are considered for use due to site limitations or environmental constraints that would make a standard septic system impossible or too expensive.  You should discuss these options with a septic design professional before committing to any given technology.  The design professional will be better able to explain the “pros” and “cons” of a technology relative to your site constraints.   We are providing an open forum on our blog page to discuss various I/A technologies.