Cost - Septic System Cost

Septic System Cost Estimates

Residential septic systems (with 3 or 4 -bedrooms) typically cost $5,000 to $20,000.  Residential septic system costs are quite variable even when the work is exactly the same.   We often see bids  for the same work where the high bid is nearly double the low bid.  Establishing a fair price for your septic system installation requires some work as outlined under Cost Controls.

Septic system installation costs vary significantly depending on combination of factors that include:

  • State, County, District, and City requirements (codes and regulations)
  • Site physical parameters (e.g. available area, slope, soils, etc.)
  • Setbacks required from sensitive receptors (e.g. wells, wetlands, groundwater drains, buried structures, etc.)
  • Availability of materials that may be used to construct a septic system
  • Cost of materials (including transportation costs)
  • Contractor labor and equipment costs
  • Contractor availabilty (a contractor that is very busy may ask a higher price)

Obtaining Septic System Cost Estimates

How much will your septic system cost?  What is a fair price for your septic system repair?  We provide two methods to get a relatively quick answer (1 - 7 days). 

  1. You can ask us directly by signing in and asking for our help.  One  of our members, if available, will try to provide you with an email estimate of fair cost.   Before you ask for this help, please be prepared to provide of the following information:

    • Location: city, state, and street adress
    • System Design Goal: e.g. 3-bedroom house, 4-bedroom house, etc.
    • Any other information you may have about the site
  2. You can contact a local septic proffessional using the "Find Local Septic Pros" tool.  If you have a septic design plan, search for local Installers to get price quotes.   If you don't have a septic design plan, search for local Designers to get their opinion of cost.