Advanced Septic Venting & Odor Control

Improved Septic Venting

Advanced (improved) septic system venting may include wind turbines or electric (solar) vent fans.  Most commonly, these would be added to a septic system roof vent.  In some cases, vent wind turbines may also work with septic system yard vents.  We have found the following devices for septic system vents on the web:

  • Roof vent turbines
  • Solar powered roof vents

We are still looking for more information regarding the effectiveness of these devices.  Please contact us if you have any experience (good or bad) with these devices.

Improved Odor Control Using Septic Vent Filters

If advanced venting does not resolve your odor problems you may want to consider using septic vent filters.  Septic vent filters use activated carbon (charcoal)  media to remove sulphur compounds (the rotten egg smell).  Vent filters are commonlty installed on system roof vents and may include a vent fan to force the air through the filter. 

Various brands of septic vent filters can be found on the web. They can vary in terms of the quality of media used, the amount of media installed, and the flow through air capacity.   In some case they may restrict vent air flow or have freezing problems during extreme cold.  See some examples of Vent Filters used to control outdoor septic system odors.

We are still looking for more information regarding the effectiveness of these filters to remove odor causing compounds and the frequency at which the filter media must be replaced.  Please contact us if you have more information about these devices.  Alternatively, you may review and respond to comments about these devices on our blog about Septic Odors.