Find Local - Septic System Inspectors

Septic System Inspectors

Septic system Inspectors are often certified by the state or a local public health agency.  The septic system inspector will be able to locate your various septic system components.   The septic system inspector will also evaluate the condition of your septic system and make recommendations.  See Inspection - Requirements to learn more about what may be included in a septic system inspection.  Contact a septic system inspector for any of the following:

  • prior to the sale/purchase of a property,
  • if the state or local codes require an inspection,
  • if you need to know the location of your septic system components (prior to conducting other work on your site), or
  • if you want to evaluate the condition of you septic system

Use the Septic Advisor Tool  - Find Local Septic Pros to find local professionals to do this work. Use of this tool is explained in Find - Local Help - Septic Companies.