Find Local Help - Septic Permit Agencies

Using the "Find Septic Permit Agencies" tool

Use the Septic Advisor Tool - Find Septic Permit Agencies to quickly obtain contact information for your local government agencies that regulate septic systems.  This tool is provided on every page.  To use the tool:

  • Click on "Find Septic Permit Agenices" button
  • Enter a "City & State" or a "Zipcode" in the upper box
  • Click on the "Search" button

This tool will present the most local septic permit agenicies first and then list regional and state government agencies that also have authority over septic systems. 

Our Request.  At Septic Advisor we have spent may long hours developing this tool to make it easier for you to find the correct government entities having authority over septic systems in each region.  However, mistakes and errors can creep into our data from time to time.  We apologise for any inconvenience AND we request that you contact us if you think we have an error in our listing of Septic Permit Agencies.  Please help us make this tool work better for everyone.

Agencies Responsible for Septic Systems Permitting and Regulations

In most states there are multiple government agencies responsible for septic system regulation, permiting and enforcement.  Historically, the primary authority for sanitation (including on-site wastewater disposal) resides with the State Health Department; also known as the Department of Public Health or some similar named Health Agency.  

After the passage of the Clean Water Act (in 1972) and later federal environmental regulations, most states created  a separate department (Environmental Agency) to cordinate the implementation of the environmental regulations; e.g. Department of Environment, Department of Environmental Conservation, Department of Enviironmental Protection, Department of Environmental Quality, or other similar names.

In many cases, new state regulations for septic systems (on-site wastewater disposal) were developed by the new Environmental Agencies.  The state Health Agencies retained responsibility for septic system permitting and enforcement at the local level  via County, District, and City Health Departments or Boards of Health.

Who do I contact about my septic system permit?

There are different government agencies that may have authority over you septic system.  Generally, local authority will reside with a Health Agency at the county, district or city level.   Use the Septic Advisor Tool  - Find Septic Permit  Agencies to determine which agencies have authority in your region.   This tool will list the most local septic permit agencies first and then list regional and state agencies that may also have authority over your septic system.  We recommend contacting the most local septic permit agency first for the following reasons:

  • Local representives will be familiar your region and may be able to meet at your site to discuss septic system issues.
  • The local septic permit agencies may know the history of your site and septic system
  • Local health agencies may have useful documents on file, such as permits and plans that describe your septic system.
  • The local health agency can guide you through the septic system permit process
  • The local health agency may also provide you with contacts to help you find qualified septic tank pumpers, septic system designers, septic system installers, etc.  See Septic Companies
  • They may also know about various programs that can reduce the financial burden of making septic system repairs.  See Financing Repairs.

There is no harm in asking about any of these subjects.