Find Local Help - Septic Companies

Using the Septic Advisor Tool - Find Local Septic Pros

The Septic Advisor Tool - Find Local Septic Pros is provided on every page. To use the tool:

  • Click on "Find Local Septic Pros" button
  • Enter a "City & State" or a "Zipcode" in the upper box
  • Select one of the professional types from the lower box (see description of service types below)
  • Click on the "Search" button

This tool will present up to five local septic system companies that provide the selected septic services. Clicking on the "Search" button a second time may present additional local septic system companies. Please note, many septic system companies will provide several types of septic system services as described below.

Septic Professionals - Finding the right professional

Local septic system companies (the professionals) will often provide better service at a lower cost. Finding the right septic sytem professional depends on the types of septic system services you require.   The following list provides a quick summary of the types of septic system services and septic system professionals that can be found using the Septic Advisor Tool - Find Local Septic Pros.   Click on the bolded titles to find more information about the services and professional requirements.

Designers.  A septic system designer should be contacted if you are considering development of a new property or need to repair a failed septic system. 

Inspectors.  Contact a septic system inspector any time an inspection is required or may be useful; e.g. prior to the sale/purchase of a property  or to find the location of your septic system components (prior to conducting other work on your site).

Installers.  Contact a septic system  installer to provide a price quote for a septic system installation based on a previously prepared septic system design.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Specialists.   If you own or manage an on-site advanced wastewater treatment system, you should have regular contact with a septic system O&M Specialist.

Pumpers.  Standard septic system maintenance requires residential homeowners to contact a septic tank pumper every two or three years to remove the contents of the septic tank.  Commercial properties may require much more frequent maintenance pumping of the septic tank.

Sewer Pipeline Cleaners.  Sewer pipeline cleaners are often called upon when there are slow draining fixtures due to plugged sewer pipes. 

Soil Evaluators.  Soil evaluators determine if a site is suitable for a septic system prior to site development or conducting a septic system repair.