Tutorial - Leach Galleries & Chambers

Leach Galleries & Chambers

Galleries (also called chambers) consist of a series (row) of chambers connected end-to-end.  The chambers may be constructed of concrete or plastic.  The plastic chambers have become more popular due to cost and ease of installation.   Typically, the chambers are placed over a bed of leach stone, have leach stone installed along the sides to the top of the chambers, and peastone placed over the top of the leach stone.  The galleries can be in individual trenches or placed next to each other in a bed configuration. 

There are also gravel-less chamber systems in which the chambers are buried in a bed of clean sand without gravel.  In many regions the septic system codes allow the gravel-less chamber systems to have a significantly reduced footpint.  Consequentlly, these systems may be used where there is limited area available and to save on cost.

The following photo and figure show "gravel-less" chambers, without leach stone.

Leaching galleries (chambers)

Construction of a two gallery leaching system using two rows of chambers connected to a distribution box (D-box).  This is a "gravel-less" system. The system includes clean sand placed below and around the chambers. What is missing?  We would like to see the far ends of each row connected to a vent and at least one inspection port on each row.   What is extra?  The chickens.

Figure 3 - Septic system with Galleries (series of chambers)